Unesco Pavilion

The Wadden Sea in the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark is a unique, wet area with specific flora and fauna. It was placed on the World Heritage list a few years ago as a Conservation area.
The assignment was to design a small temporary UNESCO pavilion on a 7×7 metres prefab Stelcon plate providing space for hikers, cyclists and nature lovers to view the natural environment and give some shelter to provide for an all year-round experience.

The proposal for the pavilion on this unique location in the nature reserve Utopia on the island Texel consists of a building that is all about experiencing the environment. The pavilion is designed on a grid structure that creates the system on which the different columns are placed on which the floors subsequently are stacked. The form, placement of floors, spatial sequence and routing are all designed with the environment in mind creating in the end a pavilion that lets its visitors enjoy the nature reserve Utopia to its fullest potential.