Kop van ‘t Zand

‘s Hertogenbosch is a city where history, art and many different walks of life come together to create a diverse and rich cultural experience. This project focussed on ‘Kop van ‘t Zand’, an area situated just off the city centre and flanked by the Dieze. With these links, a view of the ancient citadel and a gothic cathedral on the horizon, it is an ideal area with very high potential, ready for redevelopment which was also the focus of the assignment.

To unlock this potential, together with a group of multidisciplinary people an urban plan was developed which zeroes in on the enrichment of the neighbourhood by improving quality of life through the careful integration of the existing and the new, to bring out the strengths of the overall area. To do this, emphasis was put on the North-west of the city which sets itself apart via existing landmarks like the water, the bridge and the distinct lines of greenery. The location and opportunities of the site were then used to strengthen these features while connecting and interacting with them at the same time. Through the integration of the different disciplines of the built environment, these features were brought out with an underlying theme of sustainability and zero energy.

The final design has a neo-industrial feel that reminds visitors and dwellers alike of the roots of the location in history, while at the same time the slightly overhanging buildings create an informal, playful sensation, offering a place for relaxation, leisure and a space for everyday life. Through the use of routing and greenery, a location that encourages social interaction and privacy alike has been created, connecting even the farthest sides of the site directly with the water. The variety of spaces has one thing in mind; an active yet calm setting that is attractive to many different ages and backgrounds, reflected in the dwellings available ranging from students, to starters and the more luxurious waterfront apartments looking out over the Dieze while offering stunning views towards the city centre. Thus, all Den Bosch’s most readily required types of housing are catered for.