That kind of landscape, that kind of building

Imagine a harsh, cold and rough environment. The kind of place that during winter is almost not liveable and where no one would want to go to unless they must. The kind of place that during summer can give the most magical experience. The kind of place with rocks and stone surfaces everywhere and where almost no plant can be found apart from the occasional mosses or grasses. That is the kind of landscape I am talking about. Within this landscape only the true nature lover can be found who prefers the solitude and enjoys the connection to the outside, and who can withstand the harshness that accompanies such landscapes. Within this landscape our building is found.

The structure of the building kind of fits the landscape. The rhythmically thick columns of the frames are placed close together to just allow you to pass. A passage to a protection from the weather that is inevitable in this landscape. Standing from within this structure your gaze is immediately drawn to the lake surrounding the building. Every inch and fibre within the building directs your gaze back to the landscape that you first tried to escape so badly. You feel small compared to the vehement environment and this is enforced by the immense height of the structure. You hear the wind howling around the building, see the rain pouring down from the roof and vanishing back in the earth, you see the water in the lake creating massive waves that crash into the rocks and playfully placed stepping stones that are almost merging with the landscape, but within the structure you are save.

There is this stair on one side of the building that allows you to just rest for a second and be captivated by the spectacle of the environment. You see these large heavy tanks on the one side and the lake on the other. The deck is partly worn away at places, some tools and materials are standing next to the tanks and you just know that someone is living here who has his habits and who is been living here for some time now. Someone that is enjoys the nature and prefers to be living in it.

When you ascend the stairs, you start to really see the thickness of the frames and you feel the presence of the environment slowly fading a bit. A warm timber box starts to make its presence known. The door slides open and you step in, the landscape fading even further away and the smell of the timber walls becoming more and more apparent. It is a warm and clean living area, with a small and basic kitchen on one side and a table on the other. From there the only connection to the landscape can still be found via a glass wall reaching from the floor all the way to the ceiling. The ceiling is also made from glass and you still see and feel the thickness of the frames that protect you from the outside. On the side of the kitchen a small hallway is found that leads you to the other side of the building. Here the roof starts to close in, and you feel completely surrounded by the building. At this end a comfortable mattress is found on the ground with pillows and a warm blanket over it and pressed between again a complete glass wall and the solid wall of the bathroom. The structure you were in is no were to be found anymore, it is just you and the environment, completely exposed and completely protected at the same time.

A building for a true nature lover, who prefers the solitude and enjoys the connection to the landscape, and who can find the beauty in the harshness that accompanies such a landscape. This is the kind of building I am talking about.