sens|a has her main focus on the user
sens|a listens before taking action
sens|a designs, taking the environment into account
sens|a takes both the functional and psychological aspects into account
sens|a designs based on the experience
sens|a is inspired by the site and natural surroundings
sens|a celebrates craftmanship and tailor-made design solutions
sens|a does not shy away from a challenge

I am an enthusiastic and hard-working architecture student interested in a wide variety of design related topics. Goal oriented, eager to learn and dedicated are characteristics attributed to me. I am curious to the world, and constantly try to grow and develop myself further. Other than that, I am a social person who also enjoys an athletic lifestyle.

My work covers designs that are sustainable, aesthetically beautiful, but above all, function in the best possible way for its users. A strong interest is placed in how people perceive a space, the atmosphere within the space and the effect of the space on people and their actions. I strongly believe that architecture is meant for its users and that the effect that the built environment has on people is greater than we are aware of. Therefore, each design creates meaningful spaces for the users where not the maximum economical profit or just the stylish appearance is the number one priority but the needs of the user and their experience of the design. This means that each answer to a design question is tailored to the context. It finds answers to the desires and wishes and creates a balanced response. This sometimes requires thinking outside the box and be open-minded to (in the end) get to the best possible result.

I expect to be an official architect in a couple of years, but if you need help with a design problem in the meantime, need some advice on a topic or have any other question architecture or design related do not hesitate to contact me.